What is a Boom Microphone? And Its Uses?

The audio comprises of 90% of the whole video shot. Yes! That’s right; if you have bad audio quality in a recorded video just like a 90s ad film, then even the post-production editing cannot make your video understandable. In this modern era, there are a variety of microphones available, which can be used for individual purposes. Therefore, selecting the right microphone for some purpose is also a hectic and confusing task for a layman. But don’t worry, we have eased down your work by bringing a high-end microphone which can be used for the film shooting, ad shooting, recording natural sounds, and for many more other purposes as well. We are talking about the boom type microphone and other similar types of microphones.

Boom type microphone is one of its kind. It is attached to a rod that can be extended when needed. Therefore, with the help of that rod, you can easily take it where you want. An actor doesn’t need to wear extra microphones and the other equipment which might make him uncomfortable. This boom microphone is one of its types from the shotgun mic category. This shotgun shaped microphone serves you with several benefits, which will be explained further.


Record what you want

The shotgun boom microphone enables you to point it towards the voice source with a boom rod. This microphone is sensitive enough to capture aspecific frequency sound in front of it. This also means that it is an end-user microphone that records mostly from the front side rather than all sides. Recurring the axis sound can significantly help you to reduce the noise as well. As you hear the audio in modern-day movies, it has very little noise and no fluctuation as well. Therefore, it is possible only via utilizing these boom microphones for recording purposes.

Film Production

The most common use for these boom microphone is in the film production. The reason behind this is their unique shotgun design. As described earlier, these microphones are highly directional. You can point it towards the sound source to get the best quality sound captured in your videos; moreover, as the boom operator will take the boom rod in his hand to point it towards the sound source. Therefore, it is light in weight and easy to hold in position.

Another benefit of these boom microphones is their less wire clustering when you use them for film or ad production. The cables are fitted inside the boom pole to keep the tidy look and reduces the distraction while working. Mostly the wires are not installed inside but tied to the outer side of the pole. In this way, you can point out the microphone to as many distances as you want to keep in mind the stability.

Recording Nature

Mostly the boom microphones are used to record nature sounds, mainly birds chirping, the blowing air and much more. These microphone are sensitive and are used with noise reduction accessories to bring further clarity in the recordings. You can use the shotgun shaped boom microphones to point out at the direction of sound and for a better depth you can use the parabolic dish as well.

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