What is a floor jack?

A floor jack is a device used to lift up heavy things, most commonly cars. These days, repairing your car on your own is very common. As, if you have knowledge of repairing small things it can save your time & money both. To do this task you need to have floor jacks. Floor jacks can turn your backyard into a mechanic area as it requires a small space to work like a professional. However, a number of different types of floor jacks are available for diverse purposes & also for a variety of skills.

Two common types of floor jacks are scissors & hydraulic jacks. Scissors jacks are hand-operated as well as motor-operated, efficient for tire changing but not for the major repairs as it serves a height of few inches from the ground. While hydraulic jacks are the devices meant to do some professional heavy tasks of lifting in construction workshops. This type of jack, however, is not designed for cars but if you want to use it, you must look for some factors including contact point, stability & hardness of the ground. The parallel piston on the shorter side of the crank, maintains a good stable point providing you with the vertical movement.

Benefits of floor jacks

Floor jacks serve for a lot of benefits as they work with minimal effort to lift up heavy objects. Most commonly these jacks are used for cars, giving you a massive elating power with such minimal effort for the maintenance of your car. A floor jack gives you a room of 18 to 25 inches depending on the type you used. Floor jacks also come in trolley type which serves for easy maneuver by utilizing wheels. However, apart from the front & rear end, there is a wheel at the center which serves for a 360-degrees rotation.

Low-lying chassis is also not a problem with these floor jacks. There are low-profile floor jacks that can underneath a low chassis car & serves for a lift up. This type of floor jack is idealized for sports or racing cars. Not only for cars, but it can be used for any heavy object underneath which your hand can’t creep.

Floor jacks are safe & stable. Most of the floor jacks have padding at the contact point to avoid damaging your car or any other area where applied. The base of the floor jacks serves for the stability purpose & not leaning into a particular direction. However, for an extra safe situation, you must put an axle underneath your object after lifting it to a specific height as it will divide the weight.

Robustness & heavy-duty feature is also one of their main advantages. Different types of floor jacks are made up of different kinds of material including steel & aluminum. Steel jacks are stronger than aluminum ones & can be used for some professional works in the workshops. Hence, Floor jacks have a simple design, easy to use & convert your minimum effort into an efficient exertion within no time.

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