What is a pool cover?

Pool covers as specified from the name are designed to shelter the pool area for a number of different purposes. Pool covers however can be used for both the indoor & outdoor pools no matter what the shape or area is.

Installation of pool cover is easy, convenient & totally worth it as it serves a number of benefits. A pool cover can keep your pool water clean from any surrounding garden debris & bugs. So it can cut your expenses a lot which you waste on pool cleaning every time you want to use it.

Water conservation is a great concern these days as the water of the earth is consuming at a great pace. You can play your individual part in conserving your pool water by decreasing the evaporation. Pool covers can diminish the evaporation by 90%. Uncovered pools are on the verge of evaporating 190 gallons of water per week. So, it’s necessary to cover your pool to save one of the precious resources on earth.

Pool chemicals are the worst things about pools which can cause red-eye, sneezing & breathing problems. Pool chemicals are also the main factor to cause allergies & irritation to skin. To reduce this, we must give up on pool chemicals. Pool covers can keep your pool clean & free from debris so you don’t need to employ chemicals every time to clean it. Pool covers can reduce the consumption of chemicals by 50%.

Warm water in a pool is a blessing. Everyone wants to jump into a pool with warm & cozy water to relieve some stress & strain. Pool covers are a great way to trap the heat inside pool water. A gain in temperature has been noted up to 4 degrees. Also covering at night can save the heat for the next day swimming.

Flow blockages are also at major risks in a pool. This can become even worse when a bunch of leaves falls into the pipe. So, you don’t need to collect any debris, leaves & rubbish to stop blockage of drains. All you need to do is cover the pool when not in use. Then, collect any fallen leaves & debris before pulling off the cover.

You don’t have to spend on maintenance much. Vacuuming pool daily, using chemicals to clean it & collecting debris; all these can be hectic & expensive tasks to do. Pool covers, however, can reduce these maintenance expenses much. A pool cover is something that is worthy of your investment. This can save you money immediately. Discussing expenses, these pool covers can cut down your energy expenses a lot. The heat energy consumption to heat water & electrical energy consumed by cleaning equipment can be reduced much. Hence, saving energy means saving money.

A pool with a pool cover is all the way complete on its own. You don’t need to spend much on cleaning, equipment, chemicals; also you don’t need to maintain the pool much. Whenever you came back from a trip or a holiday, your pool will be as clean as you left it.

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