What is a power wheelchair?

A power wheelchair which is most commonly known as the motorized wheelchair; can be power-driven via the electric motor or a propeller. These wheelchairs have revolutionized the old-styled manual wheelchairs which are difficult to carry by most of the old or handicap persons. These power wheelchairs can serve a lot of diverse functions that can be no less than a bliss for special persons.

Powered wheelchair lets you have complete control in your hand for additional safety & convenience. Another unique motorized wheelchair function is their controlling via many other organs of the body. As these are not only controlled by hands but mouth or voice instructions also.

Why Prefer a power wheelchair?

One of the major unreplaceable features of a powered wheelchair is the independence that is provided by these. You can move within your community & interact among others via these powered vehicles. In other words, it provides you with a feeling of independence as you can roam around on your own. Power wheelchairs are proving their worth as they are more customizable & have a lot of options to adjust. Powered wheels chairs have special concerns about your back & seating position as it can greatly reduce the back strain. Moreover, there are certain places where the cushion is already fit in or can be added later on to increase the comfort level. Discussing the comfort, these powered wheelchairs have other unique motorized features too. Most of these wheelchairs have an electric tilt back & a recline feature. Both these features are usually advantageous for people having the limited moving ability.

Apart from the comfort & seating options, these moveable wheelchairs are perfect with their traveling options. As you can travel a large distance with such stability & ease after completely forgetting the disabilities. Moreover, even if you have a minor injury & can walk up to a few miles, using these motorized wheelchairs which can let you conserve the energy. Conserving energy with disabilities can be an ecstasy of joy for you. This feature is also suitable for the people having major post-polio syndrome condition.

Powered wheelchairs provide you luxury & comfort on different types of terrains. These are employed with the reliable tires & extreme maneuverability that you can drive the vehicle over bumpy road & off-road both. These powered vehicles offer a drive that is supported by the rear wheels as the rear wheels are the main center of gravity points & provide a driving force. As the large wheels are in the rear, the front wheels serve the purpose of casters & can be foldable in some models of wheelchairs.

There is another type where the large wheels provide you with a driven force,  placed in the center of the wheelchair. This type is called the central wheel drive & here the center of gravity is in the center & provides a more suitable maneuver.  This forced stability can provide a steadier ride over bumps & obstacles. In a nutshell, powered wheels chairs can provide more suitable & steady rides to disable as well as to the persons suffering from minor injuries.

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