What is a Staple Gun?

A staple gun is also called as a powered stapler. It is a quire reliable hand-held machine that is used to drive heavy metal staples into wood, plastic, or masonry. They are used for many different applications. There are generally three different types i.e. manual, electric (from a cord or battery) & pneumatic (compressed air).

Pneumatic Staple Guns

Most people use staple guns in construction. These tools resemble a real gun with a trigger & cartridge. Pneumatic units normally use compressed air as a power source. This is the reason, they are considered suitable for heavy-duty projects because compressed air is a great source as it offers an immense amount of instant power for a fairly low price. The very first thing you need to think about when working with these machines is your personal safety. Because safety first has been a motto for decades among both DIYers & professionals. Remember that, misuse of a heavy-duty tool can cause severe consequences, sometimes even fatal.

Why Pneumatic Staple Guns

Between the electric v/s pneumatic staple gun, the pneumatic commands bit high-performance. The reason is simple because all of these guns allow you to work on things in a much shorter span of time than you would with the electric type. Also, care & maintenance for this kind is much easier to do. They are longer-lasting. The other reason is, instead of using purely electricity, these pneumatic staple guns make use of pressurized air,  this is why this machine keeps the electricity bill in limits.

Electric Staple Guns

As the name shows, these units utilize electricity as a power source. These machines are much faster in terms of performance. One of the main reasons why people can’t decide to go with electric units is affordability. The electric models are smaller & more compact which makes it an ideal solution for various home improvements & light-duty projects.

Why electric Staple Guns?

Electric staple guns can staple huge staples in a moment very quickly. These sorts of staple guns keep running on either battery or AC power continuously. These staple guns are designed with triggers that oblige you to apply less amount of pressure to shoot the staple. One main advantage to have electric staple guns is, they drive staples more uniformly than manual guns.

Some of the models highlight both staples & nails for attaching. This tool drives many staples in a minute. All you have to do is to squeeze the trigger gently to drive every staple. Most of the models are furnished with a safety mechanism on the trigger. This keeps the user from unintentionally shooting staples & maintains a strategic distance from harm.

They are ideal for not only heavy-duty projects but for those who are using a staple gun recreationally. These staples are also easier on the hands as it doesn’t leave you with a sore arm after using for a while. Such staple guns come in several styles. They are a bit costly as compared to a manual staple gun, however, available at a reasonable cost too.

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