What is a vibration plate?

While standing on a vibrating plate or a platform can accelerate muscle tone & promote weight loss. So, having multiple benefits vibrating plates can vibrate at different speeds depending on how much you can take it. Because it’s all about the vibrating energy you can take in your body leading to the contraction & relaxation of your muscles. Then, this movement burns the calories & you end up losing weight.

How it works on your body

Vibrating plates while oscillating at different levels can serve for a lot of benefits. These platforms can not only increase the flexibility in your body but can enhance muscle strength. Apart from that, you learn how to balance your body on the vibrating plate or platform. This can upsurge the coordination & synchronization between your body parts.

While oscillating at different levels of vibration, the question here arises what’s the best level of vibration for you? So, the answer lies in your heart rate whether to intensify the vibration or not. Our body burns fat when it reaches 65-67% of the max pulse rate. Also, your pulse rate varies with time. During the first few weeks, the pulse rate can be from 65 – 70%. After that, you can increase the intensity of vibration. It might be as 70- 85%. There is a general formula to calculate this thing:

Your max pulse rate: 220 subtracting your age (years) = pulse rate per min

Similarly, there are formulae to calculate the max & min pulse rate. This thing is important as the vibration of your vibrating plates decides how much calories you are going to lose. Because weight loss is directly related to a number of contract & relaxation of muscles per minute or second. This rule is the same as you exercise hard in your gym to build up.

An easy way to reduce your weight

Vibrating machines are perfect for you if you don’t have enough time to go to the gym due to a busy schedule. You can do a speedy workout with the vibrating plate machine without being exhausted. This speedy mini-workout requires very little effort & hence stress-free at the same time. You don’t have to feel aches in your muscles or have sore muscles for many days. This is, in fact, a whole-body low-impact exercise. This thing even works when you have sore muscles or pain in your ankles. You can lay down on the floor while placing the vibrating machine under the calf muscle to give you a massage & have a workout.

Use as you like

Vibrating machines can work for too many postures & stances. As if you’re a professional sportsman or a layman wanting to lose some weight, this thing is perfect for both. You can even squat to have maximum results while you can just stand on it to see some noticeable results. Vibrating plates also support flexibility & stretching exercises depending on the speed of vibration plates & posture. So, if you are looking for a weight-loss despite doing nothing, then these vibration plate machines are for you.

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