What is an electric smoker?

Electric Smokers are highly functional devices that are mainly used to cook a various variety of food i.e., from salmon to Thanksgiving turkey, electric smokers are the best. An electric smoker can be used for both cold smokings which are below 60 degrees (F) as well as traditional barbeque which is around 225 degrees( F). These electric smokers are highly convenient due to their automation systems, which can easily be used to schedule cooking periods where the smoker will turn off after the elapsed time.

Why Electric Smoker?

The electric smoker is a device that is specially built for those who love smoked food. The electric smoker as compared to other types of smokers stands out in so many ways, but its main advantage is that it is really very easy to use even for beginners.

Special thanks to the digital control panel, the electric smoker is a very convenient device. All you have to do is to start the smoker, set your desired temperature & time, refill the wood chips container & the water tank & start smoking food. Once you set the smoker, nothing else is needed, the rest of the job, the smoker will do everything for you. Remember, some types of smokers, on the other hand, require constant control of temperature, fuel & many other things. It’s up to you which type of smokers suites you. Furthermore, the electric smoker has many other useful features depending on which model you buy, however, the greatest advantage of an electric smoker is the convenience & simplicity of use.

Basic Parts

Many models of the electric smokers, they have a digital control panel with which you can program the entire cooking process. Among the other parts that you will find in electric smokers are, the main heating element, the water bowl & the wood chips container, the drip tray, the food racks along with the air vent & other additional ones depending on which model do you buy.

Who should choose the Electric Smoker?

These electric smokers are mostly for those who want convenient meat smoking without having to control it all the time & especially for those who have problems with smoking meat on other types of smokers like charcoal or pellets. These are also great for those who simply don’t feel like constantly controlling temperature & would much rather spend the time with their guests or friends or doing something else while leaving the temperature control totally to systems that the electric smoker is equipped with.

Smoked item flavor

Now, most of them will be thinking that does electric smoker food differ in flavor from the charcoal one for example? well, in many cases the difference is not quite noticeable, because the electric smoker is specially equipped with a wood chips container that generates smoke.

Electric smokers also preserve the taste of the item you cook & the smoke they produce from wooden chips adds taste in your item. You also have the option to choose different kinds of wood chips which influences the final flavor of the food, but if the basic version of the electric smoker doesn’t produce enough smoke, you always have a choice to buy special extra accessories that provide large smoke production. It is especially recommended such accessories particularly when you are considering cold smoking.

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