What is Biometric Time & Attendance system?

Essentially, employees scan their fingerprint on the terminal of the Biometric attendance machine. The terminal then verifies the identity of the user with his fingerprint. This machine can be used to allow employees to clock in or out. These machines have the ability to restrict people’s access to specific rooms. Normally, Biometric attendance systems rely on multispectral imaging. For this, Lumidigm multispectral sensors are used. Which are the best sensors in biometric technology. They have the ability to accurately scan fingerprints. They also look beyond the layers of grease, dirt, sweat & moisture. Along with that, different wavelengths of light are used to boost the quality of the data capture. The surface & subsurface of the fingerprint is saved by the system. Basically, there are 2 main components of the sensor, which includes the light source & an imaging system. The light illuminates the finger. While the imaging system creates a digital imaging array. The fingerprint afterword is stored as a computer algorithm. Remember that, you cannot retrieve the fingerprints from the system, which increases security. Biometric attendance systems can be used alone or with extra input methods too. You can add these inputs methods to further increase security. This is the most secure system for tracking time & attendance. This includes, – PIN entry – Key fobs – ID badges & – Swipe cards.

Benefits of biometric time & attendance system

Improved compliance

One of the main benefits of using biometrics attendance system is that it can help your company improve its compliance with employment laws. If the ‘Department of Labor’ wants to audit your business, a system using biometrics will make it a lot easier to pull records of individual employees as well as a group of employees for a quick decision.

Easy to use

There is no rocket science in the Biometric system.  Employees all need to do is scan their fingerprint on the device at the office & it will be entered into the system along with their name & other information. This information is fully secure. No one can steal or manipulate any information once it’s scanned.

Employee accountability

The other benefit of this system is Employee accountability. It can easily be improved by using time & attendance software that uses biometrics. Because, these systems generate reports for every employee in the system which show when he/she worked, for how long they worked & the breaks they took & much more.

Prevention of  buddy punching

One of the main beauty of the biometrics system is that it prevents all buddy punching, which means that no employee can punch or make attendance from behalf of their collogues. Buddy punching used to be a real problem with big companies when attendance was kept using the timesheets /passwords to log into an online time clock. A biometric punching system prevents this since the employee needs to use his/her fingerprint to clock in & out of the system, no one else has the authority or permission in the office to do for them when they are not present. This also prevents time theft & keeps everyone honest.

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