What is Chainsaw?

A chainsaw is one of the great inventions. It’s compact, mechanical saw that cuts with a sharp set of teeth connected to a rotating chain which runs along a guide bar. It is mostly used in activities such as tree felling & limbing, bucking & pruning plus cutting firebreaks in wildland fire suppression & harvesting of firewood.

Today chainsaws have almost entirely replaced simple man-powered manual saws in forestry. They also come in various sizes, like from small electric saws intended for home & garden use, to large “lumberjack” saws. Members of most of the military engineer units are trained to use chainsaws as are firefighters to fight forest fires & to ventilate structure fires. There are normally 3- main types of chainsaw sharpeners. one is Handheld file, secondly Electric chain saw & Bar mounted.

Why chainsaw?

Now the question is why chainsaw is better than manual saws? The main advantage of using a chainsaw is obviously its speed. It would be difficult to spend an entire day chopping your way through a forest with a normal manual handsaw, but you could certainly do that with a portable electric chainsaw.

A chainsaw is maybe 5 to 10 times quicker than an ordinary hand saw. Think how many planks of wood you could make from a single, trimmed tree trunk, maybe ten or fifteen, right?  Now think how laborious it is to saw through a single plank with a handsaw; cutting through the whole tree is going to take you at least 10 times as long, & you would also run out of energy or melt your saw blade. So the electric chain saw makes things not only easier but also faster.

Safety Features in machine

Safety first. Today chainsaws use a number of safety features to protect the operator. But remember, these features do not guarantee that the operator will not be harmed. So, the best protection is an experience.

Chain brake

The chain-brake is situated in the clutch cover. In this place a band tensions around the Clutch drum stopping the chain within milliseconds. The chain brake is discharged by the upper handle with the hand or wrist. The brake is engaged to be used in kick-back moments.

Chain catcher

It’s situated in the middle of the saw body & the clutch cover. In most cases, it seems like a hook made in aluminum. It’s used to stop the chain when it derails from the bar & shortens the length of the chain. When de-railing the chain swings from below the saw towards the operator. The shorting stops hitting the operator, it just hits the rear handle guard.

Rear handle guard

The rear-handle guard protects the hand of the user when the chain derails.


A few chains show safety features as safety links as on micro chisel saws. These connections hold the saw adjacent to the gap between 2-cutting links & lift the chain when the space at the safety link is full of saw chips. This lifts the chain & lets it cut slower.

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