What is Dishwasher salt & what does it do?

Are you noticing less sparkling effects and cleanliness on your dishes after being washed in the dishwasher? Or are you worried that your dishwasher has lost its potential of providing you with sparkling clean dishwashing results? If so, don’t worry about that as its certainly dishwasher salt that is creating the mess. Yes, those less sparkling  plates and cloudy glasses are the results of the level of salt in your dishwasher.

What is this salt?

Not many people are aware of the dishwasher salt that is a constant part of our dishwashing appliance and what does it do. So if you’re one of those unfamiliar ones, let’s say dishwasher salt is an essential course-grained sodium chloride present in our dishwasher. This salt is present in our dishwasher to soften the hard water that serves as non-beneficial for your dishes. Furthermore, this also ensures that the softener unit of the appliance isn’t clogged up during the rounds.

This salt is very important and needs to remain filled, to use the dishwasher properly. Now to make sure that the salt doesn’t’ runs short, you need to make monthly reminders of filling it up. But other than that, most of the modern and latest dishwashers also comes with the warning indicating signal that tells you automatically when the salt requires filling, but if you own a old model of dish-washing machine then you have to do this manually.

However, this doesn’t’ means that you can fill in any common salt, as this way the machine can get broken. So instead, you must go for supermarkets and look for the right dishwashing salt to fill up the place. Hence, you can easily differentiate between both the salts and can continue to keep your dishwasher smooth and going.

What does it do?

Once you’ve discovered what a dishwasher salt is, you surely want to head on to the reason what it is used for, right? Well then, concisely, this salt prevents lime-scale from building up in the filter of your dishwasher. Hence, this salt mainly affects the cleanliness of your dishes. Keep in mind that this salt is little different then the normal salt that we use.

So as we discussed earlier, if you find stain marks and streaky dishes after being washed in the dishwasher, then you can easily consider that the appliance has run out of dishwasher’s salt. And so, keeping a sock of dishwashers salt or simply keeping a check on the indicator every month can help you maintain the quality washing of your dishes through this appliance.


Now with all that said, you are surely going to have a better idea of what happens to the dishwasher when it stops showing low-quality dishwashing results. But even with the basic knowledge and understanding; it’s very important that use only the authentic dishwashers salt. This way, you can save your dishwasher from being damaged through original and commonly used salt. Hence, nothing is stopping you from achieving those clean and sparkling dishes after every round.

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