What is the power wheel?

Power Wheels is basically a brand of battery-powered ride-on toy cars for children from ages 12-months to 7-years-old. This ride-on is built with kid-sized, realistic features, like in some cases, real working features like FM radios & opening/closing doors & hoods along with power lock brakes plus both forward & reverse motion. These features make power wheels more interesting for kids. Power wheels are also called ride-on vehicles.

Short History

The Power Wheels brand name came into existence in the year 1984, when a San Francisco-based toy company ‘Kransco’ acquired ‘Pines of America’, makers of battery-powered vehicles for kids. Later after 2-years, ‘Kransco’ renamed the line -Power Wheels’. By the year 1990 sales of the battery-powered vehicles reached over 1,000,000 per year, which was huge at that time.

In the year 1994, Power Wheels was purchased by ‘Mattel’. Following Mattel’s acquisition of ‘Kransco’, the Power Wheels line quickly became part of ‘Fisher-Price’ toys out of East Aurora, New York. With the extension of new vehicle licenses, the new Power Wheels by ‘Fisher-Price’ & ‘Mattel’ lines did well. Furthermore, in the year 1999, Fisher-Price announced the ‘Harley-Davidson’ motorcycle ride-on. which contributed to a year of record sales for the whole product line.

The Power Wheels ride-on cars, trucks & motorbikes are now sold with more than 100 model names. One of the latest lines of Power Wheels features small scale versions of most popular real-world vehicles, like Jeep Wrangler & Jeep Hurricane, Ford F-150 & Ford Mustang, Kawasaki KFX quad & Harley-Davidson motorcycle, as well as Lightning McQueen from Pixar’s movie, Cars.

Advantages of buying a ride-on toy for your child

– Ride-on vehicles are not just for fun but they are also helpful in developing gross & fine motor skills in your child. These toys also help children to develop & master their skills in handling the steering wheel. They easily learn how to maneuver the ride on how to turn the steering wheel & also how to ride the vehicle on rough & soft terrains. Kids also learn where to go fast & where to slow down, when & how to apply brakes.

There are also ride-on toys that can help encourage group play. Two or more kids can together ride-on a vehicle that promotes cooperative play. With multiple rides, they can race with their fellow kids to see who finishes the line first. These toys can also be a great way to instill a competitive spirit in kids. With group plying your children also learn better communication skills as well as cooperation.

These rides also help your children to be confident because ride-on toys help eliminates fear. They do everything with confidence.

Ride-on toys help children develop their social as well as emotional skills.

Apart from these benefits, there are also other benefits of ride-on toys in terms of developing a child in a better person in the future. But the most important thing to keep in mind that buy a ride-on toy for your kid which is totally safe & most importantly it should be according to your kid’s age.

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