What is turntable?

Among the number of ways to listen to music via live streaming or downloading from a platform, there are certain devices that are out traditional music players. One such device is the turntable which uses a revolving plate to play the records from a vinyl disc. Turntables are considered the simplest of all devices as they are not equipped with any of the amplifiers or speakers.

Turntables use a pre-amplifier disc to play the records via the electronic signals. These devices are featuring the cartridge & stylus both in order to touch the grooves to play the melody. However, amplification of the sound is not the only factor to get benefit from as the stylus & cartridges are here to ply their role as well. Moreover, the record players can be manipulated or customized in order to have a perfect or desirable sound in the end.

In this current & modern era, where there are a lot of ways to listen to your favorite music doesn’t mean that the classic old & traditional methods are not efficient enough. Turntables have completely altered the situation these days especially in the DJ system. Modern turntables have a number of features that can really soothe you with calm music. First of all, you can experience a nice & passionate feeling while physically holding the vinyl record & turntable in your hands. A fervent & zealous music fan knows the worth of owning the original record jacket & liner notes, & every grove playing by the stylus of the turntable.

A scattered way or approach is experienced while playing the sound over digital or modern formats. While a more original piece of melody along with the clear & sharp voice is being heard over the turntable. The sound that comes out of the grooves by the stylus is the same as the artist wants you to listen. All the sharpness, quality & peaks are well preserved over the length from the beginning to the end of the tracks.

The true musical structure provided by these digital modern formats is completely vague & ambiguous. In fact, some of the artists say that the DNA of the music tracks gets worn out by the modern instruments as they manipulate the voice notes too much. While on the other hand, these turntables offer a more comprehensive & detailed quality along with all the warmth of soundtracks.

Turntables serve the great advantage of manipulating the sound in life. All the DJs prefer to have a  turntable as they actually want to seizure the feeling of art hidden in the music tracks. Moreover, certain special features owned by the turntables like reverse function, ultra pitch, MIDI compatibility & many more like this can greatly enhance the level of DJ. Apart from that mixing the sounds of different BPM is a lot easier in turntables. You can also have control over the overall performance by having a look at the MIDI section. Hence, a whole new wide-ranging aspect is added to the music via cue-points, key-shifting & many more features.

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