What is Wall Mount?

Wall mounting brackets give overall a great look to your room, It adds unique & more beauty to your bedroom, not only that mounting method also helps to save space in your room in case you have less space. Typically you can mount your LEDs, LCD’s or normal TV in different ways on different surfaces.

Words To keep in Mind Before Mounting

After when you figure out what type of wall you are working with, You have to make sure that you won’t hit any electrical or plumbing circuits that run inside or opposite side of the wall. Check for outlets & switches nearby &  for water fixtures too. If you are not sure about that, consult an electrician or plumber first to avoid any incidence. After finding out it’s safe to mount, place the wall mount on the wall & mark carefully where you want your anchors to be.  Make sure you have at least 4 solid anchors in studs, & if you have a bigger or heavier TV, 6 to 8 or maybe more. Drill a pilot hole & affix the wall bracket to the wall after ensuring it’s perfectly level. If anything goes wrong during markings, remember you will not get your desired result and overall looks.

Cheap & Expensive Mounts ( Know the Difference)

People sometimes ask, what is the difference between a cheap & expensive wall mount? Are they all just metal brackets? Well, actually not, there is a big difference. The cheap mounts use softer steel & often include less hardware & features, making and installing jobs a lot harder than you think. And obviously you also don’t want a mount that flexes when a TV is on it, this is something you will find with cheaper mounts. One of the greatest differences in a cheap mount v/s expensive mount are the available adjustments on 3 or more axes. You should know the weight of your TV, with the rated weight of your mount & hardware. Safety should be your first priority. A premium mount will have the ability to adjust the position of the TV after it’s on the wall & bear its weight quite easily. A premium & solid mounts keep your TV at one point and feel sturdy without any flexes. So, don’t get a cheap mount that possibly could rust & fail. TV mounts are just like tires & shoes, you don’t think about them until they break, so get a quality mount & eliminate the worry. Just keep in mind that, there are many special products available in the market. It’s possible to mount a TV almost anywhere, at any angle & in any size. If you need a different or special mounting solution, contact a professional for better assistance. Another thing to remember is Never, ever affix a TV to drywall only, always make sure your anchors are solidly enough in wood or metal studs. Never ever mount the TV in direct sunlight or in areas with high humidity or water contact.

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