What Makes Smart TV So Special And Unique?

Being a typical user who has less interaction with the technology may find it difficult to differentiate between LED, OLED, QLED, 4K, and HDR terms, and these terms look odd to you. It is better to get some knowledge before buying a smart tv for yourself.

This is a whole new world, and modern smart TVs vary in screen size, display technology, processing, audio, and video attributes that make a smart TV better than ordinary simple TVs. Smart TVs carry amazing features, and you have to choose between them to buy the best one. Although, there are so many factors that makes smart TV a special and unique from other simple and ordinary models, few of them we are going to discuss below so that you can compare the difference. Let us help you to see some of these essential features.

Screen Size (Matters a lot)

Screen size matters the most; if you know which size is suitable for your living room, then it becomes easier to make a choice and pick the right TV. If you are buying a smart tv for the entire family, then consider choosing a wider or larger size of smart TV.

Screen Resolution (Important for quality picture)

The screen resolution is responsible for describing the picture on the screen. If a smart TV features higher resolution, it means it can deliver better picture quality. The resolution of smart TV varies in 8K, 4K, or HD. Smart TVs are also categorized in terms of resolution, so you can choose between HD, 4K, and 8K for better experience and image results.

What is Refresh Rate?

This is another factor that determines the quality of smart TV. It is expressed in hertz (Hz) and it describes the refresh rate of pictures per second. The higher the fresh rate, the better the smart TV will perform. Most of the companies capitalize on the refresh rate and other content features for better performance.

HDMI and Connections

If you want a smart TV that could connect you with a variety of external devices, then make sure the smart TV have adequate HDMI ports and USB ports for smooth streaming and connecting with many devices.

Power Saving and Voice Control

Different smart TVs consume different power, so this makes another factor companies label on their products to lure consumers for their devices. Besides, modern TVs also equip voice controls with the help of different gadgets like Alexa and Google to facilitate easy use of smart TV. It would help if you looking for such features while comparing different brands.


All these factors are critical and need to be seriously taken into account when you decide to get a smart TV. You can check these from the product description that most of the companies print on their products or make the information available on their websites. You can find a variety of smart TVs, but you can only make the right choice depending on these factors. So, choose it wisely and secure your investment for more extended use.

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