What to look for when buying a band saw

The band saw is considered as one of the most essential stationery tools in every shop. It can easily handle multiple kinds of projects that you plan to build up. The band saw can cut, rip, and handle curves and angles. It can give different shapes according to the size and diameter of the wheels. If you are planning to buy a band saw, these are some essential factors to check.

Throat capacity

The throat capacity of the band saw will determine the width of a cut. The ability of thickness helps you understand how easily a thick board can be cut or resaw.


Most of the band saws come in two different frames one is cast iron, and the other is welded steel. The welded steel can easily absorb vibration even if the cutting load is heavy.


A strong base is like the foundation of a band saw, and it also helps in absorbing the vibration. We get many models in the market that are featuring different bases like floor and close base style or the open and panel base models.


Motors that have 3/4 hp are considered the right choice for all operations. If you are planning to cut a thick stock, it can be done quickly with such a strong motor.

Height adjustment and guards

The height can easily be adjusted on machines that have a rack and pinion guard. This kind of setup remains stable and won’t crash down on the floor even if knobs are losing. The guards come in different shape i.e., one-piece, telescoping, and two-piece style. The telescoping and one-piece are most comfortable to use.

Dust collection

If you are going to use your band saw for general purposes, then a standard port hooked inside the vacuum can work well. However, if you resaw regularly, then a more critical port is your requirement.

Switches and wheel covers

The switches of the band saw, which are column-mounted, happen to be the best choice for users. You can check or change the blade quite quickly when you have such convenient switches. The wheel covers should be hinged rather than the removable ones.

Bench top or free-standing band saw

The band saws are available in both bench top and freestanding options. The free-standing machine can stand on its own while the bench top needs a bench below it. Both are considered very powerful and are being used for commercial and home use. You can buy the one which suits the needs and requirements of your work.

Throat size

The tables of band saw have a standard feature, which is called the throat size. It will create a difference among each band saw that is available in the market today. The larger tables will have a large throat size, while a smaller table will have a small one. The table is made up of either cast iron or steel frames, but both the types are equally durable. You can choose the one according to the projects you are handling. If you are professional, then going for a bigger table would be a better option.

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