What to look for when buying a commercial pole saw?

No doubt working in the yard can be tiresome, but if you have useful tools at home or workshop, things can easily become manageable. You can handle the yard work manually, but it will strain your hands and muscles too. The best way to deal with yard is to buy a commercial pole saw which is reliable and won’t take up your energy. Finding the best pole saw isn’t an easy task, and you need to do proper research before buying one. Here are some of the essential things you need to look at before purchasing a commercial pole saw.

Power to weight ratio

Choosing the best commercial pole saw means that you have to strike a balance between power and weight. If the model is heavy, it can strain your muscles and make your yard work difficult. Some models are light in weight and easy to handle. You should choose the one which has a balanced weight and power too.

Extension or reach

In a yard, every tree their branches are different, and sometimes there are such places that are hard to clean. For this purpose, you have to check the extension and reach of the pole saw. Keep in mind that the height and length of the pole saw play an important role when you are cleaning up the yard.

Length of the bar

The length of the bar needs to be in the range of six to twelve inches. If the bar is more extended, it will help you cut down thick branches easily.


The pole saw is dangerous equipment, and it may carry a lot of risks along. You have to be extra careful when you are holding a 10 inches long chain saw and cutting the branches of trees. It is essential to keep in mind your safety before purchasing anything. Pole saw, which is manufactured with anti-slip and anti-vibration grip, is the best choice for you. It will be used for long hours without creating any discomfort or danger.

Gas, electrical or cordless

Pole saws come in gas, electrical and cordless models, and it’s you who has to decide which one you prefer. The gas saws are more powerful than electric saws and are much more popular commercially. The only problem is that they create a lot of noise while you are working with them. If you are sick of hearing loud voices and don’t require much power, then an electric pole saw can be useful. The pole saws which are powered with cords are the right choice because they are very consistent when it comes to being powerful. They are light in weight and easy to handle when you work in the field.


The traditional pole saws are not much in demand these days due to a lack of features. With advanced pole saws, when you are cutting the branches, it keeps the distance of at least 10 feet. So, keep the maneuverability in mind before selecting the right pole saw for yourself.

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