What to Look For When Buying Bottle Sterilizers?

We need to take care of babies and keep them away from the germs, microorganisms, and other infectious substances as their immune system are weak. They are more prone and susceptible to getting a disease. All the essentials, i.e., diapers, bottles, clothes, must clean and free from any germs.

For germs, feeding bottles are easy target, through these they can easily get into their bodies and make them sick because when the milk dries inside the bottle, the situation gets even worse as the germs can stick inside. So, you need a sterilizer to sanitize the nipple and the whole bottle to prevent your baby from any infection.

There are different types of sterilizers available in the market that you can utilize for this purpose. However, choosing the best one for you can be a tough task, but here we’ll provide you a detailed guide. We’ll address all those factors that you need to take care of while buying a sterilizer for feeding bottles.

Methods of Sterilizing

As already mentioned, there are several sorts of sterilizers available in the market. They differ based on their working as it can be a microwave, electric, or UV based device.

The first and simple type is Microwave Sterilizer Method, as we know that microwave heat technology can kill the germs. For this, you have to place the material, i.e., Comotomo bottles or any other feeding bottle inside, and fill the water up to the marked level, leave it for one minute.

On the other hand, there are Electric Sterilizers which are faster, reliable, and more efficient. They use steam to kill the germs, which can reach every part of the bottle within no time. Also, electric sterilizers are large, which means that you can sterilize multiple bottles at a time. These can be on the expensive side but can save your effort and time.

The last one is UV Sterilizers. This type of sterilizer uses Ultraviolet light technology to get rid of germs. UV rays are much more powerful and highly energetic that can kill even the smallest and resistive types of bacteria.

Portability and Space

Space where you want to place the sterilizer matters a lot. Most of the modern devices are usually compact and sleek, but some are larger as well. Furthermore, if you’re a travel person, then you need a sterilizer that is smaller and more compact. Mostly the UV sterilizers are of such kind.

Ease of Usage

The parents should know how to use the sterilizer. Most of the sterilizers nowadays are pretty easy to use. You just need to put the water into the reservoir, and rest is on the device. The UV based devices are even simpler as they use the light technology. On the other hand, you can have a device that has fewer components. Otherwise, it’ll be difficult to assemble the device.


Your choice for the sterilizer is mostly dependent on your budget. Electric sterilizers are usually on the higher end of price and used on a larger scale because they work better and much faster. Cheaper devices may save your few bucks but they might be less efficient than the electric ones.

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