Why it’s important to have sand filters in Pool?

Sand filters are the equipment that is employed to cleanse your pool water by trapping the debris & flush out pure crystal-free water into the pool. These sand filter uses a medium usually sand to capture the undesired particles & waste to clean the pool water. Moreover, these sand filters are working on the principle of back-flushing or back-washing. In this process, water pumps out through the waste line hence cleaning the filter. As the sand gets more of the debris & waste it must need to be cleaned.

Pressure in the sand filter greatly depends upon the sand medium. As soon as the sand medium gets stockpiled with the dirt & filth, it will decrease the pressure-flow among the sand filter. Also, this decrease in pressure will make it hand for the filter to flush out more water. So, a sand filter must be cleaned or its medium must be changed every 5 to 6 years.

Furthermore, Sand filters are efficient enough to be used for both the above-ground & in-ground pools. Also, the sand filters can sieve both the small & large sized particles with ease. Categorizing the particle size, the large particles include the waste, insects & leaves. On the contrary, the smaller particles include the germs, bacteria & all other microorganisms. More of the micron particles can also be sieved out with these types of sand filters. Hence, an efficient yet cheap method to purify your pool water is the sand filters.

There are also some other technical reasons why you should use the sand filters instead of other ones. In a pool filter, sand serves smaller pores in between as the sand provides a rough surface area for filtration. This roughness can provide more accuracy & precision in purging the debris out of the water. However, as time goes, the coarseness of sand can be decreased & can lower down the efficiency. Hence, the sand must be replaced otherwise it’ll not be reliable enough to provide you with pure & clean water. To change the sand medium, you need to empty the overall device & get the medium changed. Caution is needed to change the sand medium as you may not want to break the laterals of the device. If the sand in the filter is jammed, then a mixture of water along with the muriatic acid is employed to cleanse the device.

Sand filters are hence important to keep you healthy & fit. When you swim, water may get into your body parts including stomach & eyes. This can make you vulnerable to so many water-borne diseases. Moreover, polluted water can directly react with the skin & can cause allergy. To prevent such risks, water must be scrubbed from microns & other debris. Apart from these health benefits, the maintenance of the pool can greatly be reduced by using the sand filters as the pool drainage system can be ruined if the leaves, hair, & other debris gets into the drain system.

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