Why you need a full-face helmet?

There are lots of types when it comes to helmets. The most common type of helmet that can also be regarded as the most traditional helmet for providing safety to the whole face is known as a full-face helmet. This type of helmet has its chin bar fixed in a single position, unlike the modular helmet. In this full-face helmet, the only moveable part is the helmet visor that can be pushed upwards.

Full face helmets are considered the safest of all the types as they can cover & protect the whole head & face rather than only covering the head. Hence a clear advantage of these full-face helmets is the added protection but apart from that, they can provide you with the additional comfort in the harsh weather conditions. You can use these types of helmets in the burning sun to avoid direct exposure to sunlight which can be damaging to your health. Moreover, it is also useful in rainy weather too.

Harley Davidson style & famous actors

Full-face helmets can be worn with the number of types of bikes however the Harley Davidson riders have their utmost priority. These bikes are heavy in weight & can boost at very high speed within a few seconds. In such a high speed & a heavyweight bike, all you need is the complete safety & protection for an anomalous incident on road. Most of these Harley Davidson bikes are owned by the actors, superstars, sports stars & other famous celebrities. These full-face helmets are also at their best to help those famous faces to hide their face & travel in anonymity.

Furthermore, these full-face helmets can hide your face completely if you have a down visor. This can save you from a number of medical problems too. Most of us have an allergy to smoke, dust, pollution or even sunlight which can be greatly reduced by the usage of full-face helmets. You also don’t need to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes when you own a full-face helmet. Most of the helmets are detached or their strips can break when indulged in a road accident. Full face helmets can prevent the condition of detaching as it gets a good grip & serves a large surface area on the head region. This attribute can definitely decrease the overall injury rate in road accidents.

The difference in full face & open face

Full face helmets can serve additional benefits as compared to other types including open face & modular helmets which provide a limited number of benefits. However, full-face helmets are also having some disadvantages which can limit their usage by some of the riders. These types of helmets can irritate you in the hot summer season by producing sweat in your head. Moreover, it can limit your hearing of traffic sounds like sirens, bikes & cars coming from behind. Also, some people might feel stressed & suffocated when wearing these full-face helmets. Hence, all types of helmets are made for different purposes & for different riders too. Make sure to select the helmet of your choice that fits your needs too.

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