Why you need subwoofers?

Low-frequency audio tunes have been facing the major issues before the discovery of subwoofer as your normal speakers’ system miscarried them. To clarify them efficiently, a loudspeaker device is invented which can reproduce the low-pitched audio signals in a better way. However, the frequency range can be diverse for each type of subwoofer ranging from 20Hz to 200 Hz. Subwoofers employed for the purpose of the concert usually drive from 20 Hz to 80 Hz. On the other hand, some of the THX approved system works at below 80 Hz frequency.

Subwoofers have each & every part assembled in a perfect manner as every inch can alter the frequency or pitch of the sound it is producing. The pitch of a sound depends on a number of factors including cabinet size, construction & the overall design of the subwoofers.

Subwoofers are not only labored to produce bass effects but they reduce the distortion level in your sound. For example, some subwoofers can harvest pitches below 20 Hz (specifically 18 Hz) but with the distortion limit of 10-11% their frequency comes out to be 35 Hz. So, you just don’t need to have a look at the lower frequency but some contributing factors too should be kept in mind.

Active subwoofers are great at use as they have a built-in amplifier. The benefit of an active subwoofer is you just need to provide them an AC power supply & a connection from your speaker system. It then works by combining the crossover circuit with the power amplifier within its cabinet. Low-frequency signals are sent to the amplifier for a clear & better voice. Physical appearance may include line-level inputs & outputs plus a controller. Active subwoofers serve many benefits including the enhancement of midrange frequency, bass extension, and loudness without distortion. Basically, the crossover feature lets your low-pitched audio signals to play loud with clarity.  This is because signals are filtered while going into the main speakers’ cabinet. Also, the midrange lucidity is due to the calm vibratory movement of the subwoofers.

Apart from bass enhancements & clarity subwoofers also assist you in a number of ways. Placement of subwoofers in your apartment is no longer a problem for you like the sound frequency they are fabricating is completely non-directional. Human ears are incapable of detecting the direction of such low-pitched sounds. However, you need to consider the place as bass quality greatly depends on the location of subwoofers. Low-pitched frequencies can be lean at one place & not at the other due to resonance phenomenon.

Quickstarts & ends of the musical instruments in a soundtrack must be captured accurately to have a bliss experience. A great subwoofer must accommodate these with their amazing momentary reaction. So, in a nutshell, a true music lover will know the worth of a great subwoofer as low-pitched sounds cannot be neglected to enjoy the ecstasy & bliss of music. If you’re a professional DJ, a party planner or just a layman who loves to listen to music while at home; subwoofers are a must need for your speaker system.

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