Cloud communication is a term that refers to the provision of voice, video, chat and other communication services over the Internet, offering businesses a way to communicate and collaborate with their customers, employees and partners without the need for expensive and complex hardware and software. Through them, companies can benefit from lower costs, greater scalability, enhanced security and improved customer experience.

However, not all cloud communication providers are the same. There are many factors to consider when choosing one, such as features, pricing, reliability, customer support and integration options. Below, we will compare four of the top cloud communication providers on the market:

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Vonage Visit site

Stands out with a comprehensive suite of cloud communication solutions, including business phone, video, chat, and API options, serving over 100,000 customers globally. Unique for its unified platform encompassing contact center and unified communications, Vonage's pricing begins at $17.99 per user/month, scaling up to custom enterprise solutions. Recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for both Contact Center as a Service and Unified Communications as a Service, Vonage ensures top-notch service through a global data center network and offers round-the-clock support.


RingCentral Visit site

Boasts a clientele of over 400,000, offering the RingCX for a complete customer experience. Their plans range from $19.99 to $49.99 per user/month, catering to various business sizes, with a bespoke plan for larger enterprises. RingCentral is acclaimed in multiple Gartner Magic Quadrants, reflecting its excellence in unified communications, contact center solutions, and more. The company’s commitment to quality service is underpinned by its global data center network and 24/7 customer support.


8x8 Visit site

Serves over 10,000 customers worldwide and prides itself on a unified platform blending contact center, unified communications, and APIs. Their plans start at $12 per user/month, extending to $110 for more advanced needs, including contact center features. Positioned as a challenger in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Service and a leader in Contact Center as a Service, 8x8 combines high-quality service with a global network and comprehensive customer support.


Nextiva Visit site

Offers an array of cloud communication solutions including business phone, video, chat, and CRM, serving over 100,000 customers. With a unique focus on connected communications to foster business growth, their plans range from $17.95 to $52.95 per user/month. Nextiva has been recognized by U.S. News and G2 for its superior phone systems and collaboration tools. Like its peers, Nextiva ensures reliable service through a global data center network and offers 24/7 customer support.

Common Features

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Some of the features that all of these companies offer include:

  • Unlimited voice calling and internet fax
  • Unlimited audio and video meetings with up to 200 participants
  • Business text messaging and enhanced business SMS
  • Team collaboration tools and push to talk
  • Cloud faxing and voicemail to email
  • Call recording and voice analytics
  • Audio/video conference recording
  • Microsoft and Salesforce integrations
  • Single sign-on management
  • AI innovations for customer engagement and data insights


The aforementioned companies are positioned as some of the leading cloud communication providers in the market. They all offer similar features, such as unlimited calling, video conferencing, team messaging and integrations. However, they also have some differences, such as pricing, number of participants, AI solutions and customer experience tools. Depending on your company's needs and budget, you may find one of them more suitable for your communication and collaboration goals.

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