Imagine what would happen if you are in the middle of nowhere and after hours of fun, your car battery suddenly died. Well, to avoid this scenario, jump starters are always handy. In case of any automotive emergency, owning jump starters in your vehicle’s kit ensures you peace of mind.

What are Jump Starters?

A jump start is basically an external power booster. It consists of two wires with clamps on both ends. Two connections go in the booster device and clamps are connected with discharged battery terminals. Then, a powerful electrical jerk runs through the device to charge the battery up.

In other words, you can say that the external supply of electricity recharges again the disabled vehicle’s battery and gives more power needed to crank the engine up. In this article, we will discuss details about jump starters and review the very best on the market.

First of all, different cars need different voltages to charge dead batteries. There are multiple types of jump starters available and some provide less voltage and some high voltage. One important thing to keep in mind that different vehicles have different electrical systems. For instance, heavy vehicles such as huge trucks or large vehicles with diesel engines may use 24-volt electrical systems.

Remember that trucks usually have a 24-V supply using two 12-V automotive batteries in series. Therefore, it's possible to jump-start a vehicle with a 12-V electrical system using only one of the two batteries.

On the other hand, vintage cars may have 6-V electrical systems or may connect the positive terminal of the battery to the chassis. The ways intended for boosting 12-volt, whereas negative-ground vehicles can't be used in such cases. Hybrid vehicles usually have a very small 12-volt battery system which is unfit for sourcing a large amount of energy needed to boost a conventional vehicle.

Most of the jump starters have different amp settings. Even though most models are between 400 to 600 amp, some of them range from 300 to 3,000 amps. Most often, that is quite enough for most people’s cars.

But without a doubt, a compact battery jump-starter has become a must-have auto accessory. This is because the lithium-ion battery technology allows a charge to stay longer even for a year. So, it's reliable and won't take much of your car's space.

After explaining what are jump starters, we will focus on V8 engines in this post. V8 vehicles have a large engine that needs a high volt jump starter to crank its engine. However, these jump starters are not just for V8 but also can be used for any type of car battery.

Now, we have gathered the best jump starters this year so you can purchase the ideal one. Let's jump in!

Best Jump Starters For V8

Best Overall
Our Score 9.3 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.9 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.5 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.0 Out of 10
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Our Score 7.5 Out of 10
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Clore Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR

Our Score 9.5 out of 10
Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700 Peak Amp Jump Starter with Air Compressor
Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700 Peak Amp Jump Starter with Air Compressor Check price

22Ah Clore PROformer battery technology is designed to provide extremely high power output, extended cranking power and a long service life
Reach starting points with extra long 68" #2 AWG welding ...

The Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700-Amp 12-Volt jump starter is a high-quality product. This item also comes with great features that make it ideal to have in your car or garage.

JNCAIR 1700 is reliable power because this battery is specifically developed to perform the jump-starting of the application and delivers exceptional cranking power. It’s extended cranking duration and numerous jumps per charge and long service life make this product excellent.

The product includes various features to make jump-starting more effective and convenient. Its long cable range enables it to reach the starting points on vehicles of all kinds and shapes. JNCAIR adds the convenience of an integrated and industrial-grade "Air Delivery System" with a 12-foot coiled air hose with a screw-on chuck and built-in gauge. JNCAIR has the ability to fill a 15″ car tire from flat in under approximately 7-minutes. This air delivery system is convenient for portable service scenarios.

It comes with solid power path components that are designed to run power to the disabled vehicle. In its components, you get the solid well constructed heavy-duty 2 AWG cable leads and industrial-grade clamps that penetrate corrosion on the vehicle’s battery for a great electrical connection.

Its 12-V power output can power a variety of accessories. It has automatic circuit protection to prevent overloads. Its features are fully automatic along with a built-in charger for its onboard battery. This allows the unit to be left plugged in. The JNCAIR features automated recharging using its built-in AC charger. All you need is to simply plug in a standard extension cord and it immediately starts charging.

The Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR jump-start system takes multi-function professional jump starting to a whole new level. It includes exclusive features such as Clore performer battery technology, which is designed to deliver high peak amps, extended cranking power, and various jumps per charge with long service life. The extra-strength rubber boot gives stability, permitting you to place your JNCAIR wherever you want. These jumper starters are worth owning.

  • High-quality clamps
  • Very powerful battery
  • Multiple features
  • Contact grips on clamps are small

NOCO Boost HD GB70

Our Score 9.2 out of 10
NOCO Boost HD GB70 2000 Amp 12-Volt UltraSafe Portable Lithium Car Battery Jump Starter Pack For Up To 8-Liter Gasoline And 6-Liter Diesel Engines
NOCO Boost HD GB70 2000 Amp 12-Volt UltraSafe Portable Lithium Car Battery Jump Starter Pack For Up To 8-Liter Gasoline And 6-Liter Diesel Engines Check price

Start Dead Batteries - Safely jump start a dead car battery in seconds with this compact, yet powerful, 2000-amp portable lithium car battery jump starter pack - up to 40 jump starts on a single ch...

The NOCO GB70 is an amazing ultra-portable, lightweight, and compact lithium-ion jump starter specifically made for 12-V batteries.
With NOCO GB70 you can safely jump-start a dead or discharged battery just in few seconds which is great for emergencies.

A single recharge can start various dead vehicles quite easily. Its brilliant manufacturing makes it safe for anyone to use. Not to mention that this product also comes with spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection. It also comes with sturdy, golden coated clamps that hold the battery terminals like a pro. They are covered with high-quality rubber material to minimize all kinds of risks.

The NOCO’s GB70 lithium jump starter integrates with a high-quality high-output 400 lumens LED flashlight with 7 light modes. These features include low, medium-high, flashing, and an emergency SOS mode. Believe it or not, this product can hold its charge for up to a year without being recharged, which makes it worth having.

In addition, its internal battery can be used to recharge any personal devices such as smart-phones, tablets, or any other kind of USB device. The GB70 also features a 12-V auxiliary port for powering not only tire pumps but also inverters, lights, and more. It is rated at 2,000 Amps approx, which makes it suitable for gasoline engines, which are up to 8 Liters, and diesel engines up to 6 Liters. NOCO GB70 also includes HD battery clamps along with a USB charging cable plus an XGC male plug and XGC female plug. It also includes an XGC cable, microfiber storage bag.

With a year warranty, this product is reliable and versatile. From charging devices frequently used, like phones and cameras to powering 12-v devices anywhere, like tire inflators, power inverters, NOCO GB70 is worth the buy.

  • Spark free
  • Produces 400 lumens of light
  • High-quality clamps
  • Short cables

Rugged Geek RG1000

Our Score 8.7 out of 10
Rugged GEEK RG1000 INTELLIBOOST Cables w/override and metal clamps
Rugged GEEK RG1000 INTELLIBOOST Cables w/override and metal clamps Check price

Brand New INTELLIBOOST cables in OEM Packaging.
New custom upgraded metal frame alligator clamps with dual power tips.
New override feature for those hard to start vehicles.
Specially designed and ...

The Rugged Geek RG1000 is the most popular model featuring a 1000 Peak Amp emergency jump starter. With a portable air compressor, this product provides you safety and has enough backup power to boost various types of cars on the road.

It is one of the newest jump starters to hit the market, and it gained popularity in no time because of its great performance. You have two choices: you can also select the RG600 jump starter or the RG1000 safety plus along with the air compressor. RUGGED GEEK RG1000 jump start will not only work on 12V autos including cars, and trucks but also boats, ATVs Plus motorcycles, RV, SUV, vans, or UTV. It also charges all your portable devices with specific output ports. With its 2-high power USB ports, you can charge all your USB devices. The Voltage output is also selectable for convenience from 12V, 16V & 19V.

Besides boosting your vehicle and charging your devices, the RG1000 from RUGGED GEEK also features an ultra-bright, multi-mode, LED flash-light of 100 lumens. This flash-light also has an SOS mode and strobe mode to ensure users' safety.

This product is designed with an eye-catching, sporty tire tread design on the above and bottom with a bright LCD display. Its easy-to-read LCD display tells you the battery charge level and other vital info in accurate detail. It also has the capability to let you know if it’s charging or if the power is being outputted through the USB or laptop ports.

The Rugged Geek is small in size and portable, but it can jump-start a 6.0-liter Cadillac and a V8 engine without any trouble at all. This jump starter also comes with a clear digital LCD that gives information about the remaining charge left and the voltage or output levels. This device also comes with “INTELIBOOST” spark-proof that makes it impossible to short-circuit your car or boat, or SUV.

So, you can say that this Rugged Geek RG1000 is more than just a jump starter. It’s also a compact power bank for your small gadgets like it also provides USB and laptop charging capabilities. It’s ultra-bright LED flashlight with SOS feature is amazing. Without a doubt, it's worth buying.

  • Hefty design
  • INTELLIBOOST feature for better safety
  • Compact size
  • Clamps are small


Our Score 8.2 out of 10
DBPOWER 800A 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter (up to 7.2L Gas, 5.5L Diesel Engine) Battery Booster with Smart Charging Port (Black/Red)
DBPOWER 800A 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter (up to 7.2L Gas, 5.5L Diesel Engine) Battery Booster with Smart Charging Port (Black/Red) Check price

POWERFUL & COMPACT: Jump start your vehicle (up to 7.2L gas or 5.5L diesel engine) up to 20 times with 800 amps of peak current and heavy duty clamps and cables. Compact enough to store in your glo...

DBPOWER 600A is a great jump starter and a smart charger to own if you face power outages. This device has the ability to jump-start a 5.2L diesel and 6.5L gas engine to get you back on track.

There are charging ports added to this unit. If you are traveling with a USB-powered device such as a smart-phone and tablet, you can extend the battery life by using its USB port with an 18000 mAh capacity.  The LCD screen of this device helps you to determine the power left while you're charging different devices. You can always count to charge your personal devices.

This jump starter has spray gold, intelligent jumper clamps with the capability of overcurrent protection and short circuit protection. Plus, it. has overload, over-voltage, and over-charge protection. This device features a decent compass that helps you find your way home if you get lost.

Unlike other traditional bulky jump starter packs, it is small enough to store anywhere in your car without a problem. And once it's fully charged, it can remain in 90 % battery for about a year or so which is truly unbelievable.

The DBPOWER 600A peak 18000mAh portable car jump starter is very capable of jump-starting gas engine vehicles up to 6.5L. At the same time, it can crank up diesel engine vehicles up to 5.2L up to almost 30 times on a single charge.

Most importantly, it's compact enough to be stored easily in your vehicle. Plus, it comes with 3 years limited warranty. This is one of DBPOWER’s most powerful portable battery jump starters you will ever have the chance to buy.

  • Extremely Powerful battery
  • Super easy to use
  • Compact size fits anywhere
  • Clamps are of normal quality

OzCharge RescueMate

Our Score 7.8 out of 10
OzCharge RescueMate 12-Volt Super Capacitor Jump Starter – 1000 Amp
OzCharge RescueMate 12-Volt Super Capacitor Jump Starter – 1000 Amp Check price

Maintenance Free Super Capacitors: Never needs regular charging like Lithium, Lead Acid or AGM Jump Starters.
Store in your vehicle for a year, 5 years or more, never charging it and RescueMate Ult...

Ozcharge RescueMate 1000 is a rescuer that charges your car battery in approximately 90 minutes. One of the best thing about this jump starter is that it doesn’t need any battery for charging, all you need to do is to clamp both terminals with your car battery. The device will take the remaining volts from your battery and will reverse those volts, charging your car battery.

This RescueMate jump starter is 100% maintenance free and will start your engine a thousand times. You can use this jump starter for all kinds of cars and motorbikes, snowmobiles, and ATVs as well. The product also has a 3 years warranty that ensures the product's quality.

The OZ charge RescueMate capacitor jump starter is better than ordinary lithium jump starters because it doesn’t need any repairing or charging beforehand. It is a perfect companion to travel to the middle of nowhere.

  • Reliable jump starter
  • Light in weight
  • Holds the charge inside for the longer duration
  • Zero negative comments reported yet

How to Use Jump Starters?

Since we spent most of our time in our cars, it's best advised to know the basics to maintain your car. We recommend reading the vehicle's manual first to fully understand the particularities that your car model has. But for those who are not familiarized with jump starters and don't fully know how to use them, we'd like to provide important information. Since we've reviewed the best v8 jump starters for you with the hopes you find the ideal one, now you can review or refresh how to jump-start your vehicle if needed.

It's widely recommended to have in your car the following items in case there's an emergency:

  1. Make sure the owner's manual is always secure in the glovebox.
  2. Long-cabled jumper starters. Above we have included reliable jump starters with long cables fit.
  3. Heavy duty or disposable gloves in order to ensure protection.
  4. If possible, always keep a flashlight with back-up batteries.
  5. Disposable coveralls are also recommended to have in your car in order to protect your clothes.

To jump-start a car, be sure to be with someone else who can provide help and a vehicle to jump the dead battery. Please, keep in mind to use your discernment when soliciting support from strangers. Don’t trust anyone you don’t feel comfortable around with and please, be sure to phone a trusted person to let them know exactly where you are and what’s going on; or send them a pin location.

Before you and the other person who's helping begin, here are a few things you should be warned about first:

Don’t jump a frozen battery or any battery that is cracked. Leaking or cracked batteries can't be jumped because it's dangerous. It's best to purchase a new battery.

  1. The battery shouldn't be dry. Verify the individual cells for fluid levels and if needed, add water respectively.
  2. Check an owner’s manual for details and warnings about jump-starting your vehicle or any particular vehicle.
  3. Make sure there is no corrosion. Corrosion is usually white or greenish powder around the cells on the battery. If there are signs of corrosion, clean it off with a wire brush, aluminum foil, or anything you have at hand. However, be careful because these chemicals can damage your skin.
  4. Cover your nose and mouth to avoid breathing in the dust since it can irritate your lungs.
  5. And lastly, once the cables are hooked up don't allow any of the clamps to touch. Each person must hold an end of the cables and keep the two clips separate.


Now to conclude, there are many models of portable battery jump-starter to choose from. But you need a valuable and reliable emergency device. So, in this article, we did our best to ease any tension by gathering some of the best jump-starters for a V8 engine and all other kinds of vehicle engines. Plus, we've provided further information on how to use jump starters properly.

Hopefully, it’s now a lot easier for you to make your decision. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the right product right now and drive anywhere with complete peace of mind.

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