Do you love traveling and buying a new travel trailer for you? Congratulation on your purchase. A travel trailer is perfect for traveling with your families and friends and see beautiful places across the country. The first thing after buying a container will be the travel trailer towing hitch that you need to consider. Keep reading as this guide will help you do that!

Why You Need Towing Hitch?

A travel trailer must be pulled by a suitable vehicle that has the capacity to tow it. Not just the empty trailer but the whole gross weight. Of course, when you’ll travel, you’ll bring your suitcase, water cans, food, and all the daily life stuff along with occupants who’ll ride with you. Apart from an appropriately sized car, the right trailer towing hitch is a need. Otherwise, your vehicle will not be able to tow the truck.

Choosing a travel trailer hitch is not as simple as it looks like. In this guide, we’re about to explain all the types that will help you get a better deal at the market with the right product. In this regard, we have compiled some of the best travel trailer towing hitch in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

The first type is the receiver hitches. Most of the trailers are installed with the company based receiver unit which is attached to the car or truck via towing hitch. But there are further multiple types of receiver hitches installed onto the travel trailer, or you can also upgrade them before use. The Class 1 receiver hitch is for the trailer under 2000 pounds and for the smaller cars, i.e. SUVs. Then comes the Class 2, which is a little higher in case of trailer weight, i.e. 3500 pounds but for the smaller SUVs again. Then comes the vans for which the Class 3 receiver hitch is used. The trailer weight can rise to 6000 pounds for this category and is perfect for the families to travel. The Class 4 receiver hitches are designed for multiple uses. These hitches can work with the vans, trucks, and other vehicles that can handle the 12000 lbs. of trailers. Most of the travel trailer is, therefore, easy to tow with the Class 4 trailer hitch. Finally, comes the Class 5 receiver hitch which is only for the heavy-duty uses and can pull the trailer weighing 18000 lbs.

Once you have decided on the class of travel trailer towing hitch, the next thing to consider is the ball mount. Once the hitch connects the trailer, a ball mount helps it to join with the vehicle. A ball mount mainly serves the function of movement. The ball mount must have reasonable sway control and resistance.

The next thing in a hitch is the weight distribution component that must be installed properly. Without a weight distribution component, the weight will be on the ball mount solely, and the hitch can even break down and can cause a problem.

The last but not the least is the sway control feature. A hitch must have the proper resistance to avoid swaying of the trailer during the movement. You can also install a sway control in your hitch after purchasing one.

Now for our reader’s convenience, we are going to discuss top trailer towing hitch products that are durable and last for years, so without further ado let’s get started and find out what features do they offer:-

Best Travel Trailer Towing Hitch (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.6 Out of 10
Check price
Our Score 9.1 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.7 Out of 10
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Husky 32215 Center Line

Our Score 9.7 out of 10
Husky 32215 Center Line TS with Spring Bars - 400 lb. to 600 lb. Tongue Weight Capacity (2" Ball)
Husky 32215 Center Line TS with Spring Bars - 400 lb. to 600 lb. Tongue Weight Capacity (2" Ball) Check price

Combines weight distribution and sway control in a single unit - no need for additional hardware, outstanding performance - drive it and see
Handle can be used to hook up and remove bars, universal...

A travel trailer towing hitch is a sign of safety and protection. The travel trailer can break its contact from the pulling vehicle, which might be dangerous not just for you but for the traffic coming behind. But don’t worry! Here we got the perfect Husky 32215 Travel Trailer Towing Hitch. This hitch is loaded with multiple features and attributes, leaving behind no chance of any accident and malfunction when installed.

First things first, this towing hitch has the perfect weight distribution feature that will not only help you in easy towing but saves your car’s axle from damaging. Otherwise, without this feature, the weight will not be adequately distributed on the shaft, and the hitch can break down. Along with this, an additional safety feature, i.e. sway control is also added. What this sway control does is to maintain the path of the trailer when it is connected with any lightweight car. Otherwise, the trailer could have turned the card upside down on sharp turns. Therefore, no additional hardware is needed for the safety and protection with this Husky installed as a tow hitch.

Another unique feature that adds convenience and comfort to this travel trailer tow hitch is the easy hookup and removal. For this purpose, the universal EZ adjustments bracket comes along with the Husky hitch that can be used to hook up, remove or adjust the trailer. Most of the users complain about the noise due to any loosen component on the hitch, which is quite unhealthy as it creates noise pollution. But wait! Your problem is solved with this Husky 32215. It has no noise problems like the other sway products have. The reason behind this is its lightweight ability and proper adjustments.

This is the quality product available in the market. The whole hitch is finished precisely through the hardened steel material under the expert’s supervision. The forged and hardened steel material ensures its durability and long term usage. Therefore, you can also use it for heavy trailers. The given weight range for this travel trailer hitch is from 400-600 lbs. It’s one of the best and reliable.

  • Hardened steel used in manufacturing
  • EZ adjust brackets
  • 600 lbs
  • weight capacity
  • No additional hardware needed
  • A little noisy on turns


Take out your travel trailer this summer to explore the beauty of nature. Because this Husky travel trailer hitch will serve as a perfect connector between your car and trailer. So, if you want zero inconveniences during your travel then consider this hitch as your trustworthy partner. Overall, a quality product under a reasonable price tag.

Eaz Lift 48701 600lb Trekker Travel Trailer Hitch

Our Score 9.2 out of 10
Eaz-Lift 48701 Trekker Weight Distributing Hitch with Adaptive Sway Control - 600 lb. Weight Rating
Eaz-Lift 48701 Trekker Weight Distributing Hitch with Adaptive Sway Control - 600 lb. Weight Rating Check price

Weight distribution hitch
Adaptive Sway control
Rated for 600-800 lb tongue weight, 6,000-8,000 lb gross trailer weight
Turns off for dangerous road conditions
Reduced noise

Many users don’t like using travel trailers because of their complaints against the proper weight distribution. This problem can not only be dangerous for any sudden incident but can destroy the car’s axle and its engine’s efficiency in the long run. But no worries now! As we’ve got you covered with reliable and trustworthy products on our list.

This Eaz Lift Trekke 600lb Trailer Towing Hitch is what you need for perfect weight distribution. The experts recommend using this weight distribution hitch if the weight of your trailer is 50% more than that of your car. What this feature does is distribute and spread the weight of the trailer on your whole car’s axle somewhat just the hitch or the support. The Adaptive Sway Control accompanies this feature. This control will adjust the position of the trailer when hit by massive gust or air. Its adaptive nature is noted as a continuous resistance that can cause damage to your trailer or car. Therefore, it only increases strength when needed! Moreover, at turns, the sway control feature will become inactive so you’ll get the sharp turns in a better way with fluid movement.

As mentioned from the name, this trailer towing hitch is perfect for the trekking areas. Its safety and protection are thoroughly tested under severe reactions and then came out in the market for your service. The adaptive sway control feature is necessary here too during the steep roads and icy land. The resistance will stick the trailer’s movement in a straight line giving your cars tires more traction and grip on the road.

Considering its design and shape, you’ll not get any hitch compact and sleek like this. EAZ Lift has taken care of the hookup and disengage needs. It is easy to hook up the hitch between the trailer and car in no time with some simple steps.

Next are the ruggedness and durability of this travel trailer towing hitch, which is an example on its own! It is rated to be used for 600 to 800 lbs. Tongue weight easily. While considering the gross weight of the trailer, it can tow up to 6000 to 8000 lbs.

  • Adaptive sway control
  • Weight distribution feature
  • Ball mount, less noise
  • Perfect for dangerous roads
  • Reversing can damage the sway control


Enjoy a trekking trip to mountains or icy roads with this Eaz Lift 48701 Trekker Travel Trailer Hitch which is quite safe to use. It is capable of towing more weight and offers 100 percent safety to your vehicle. It’s a robust and high-quality hitch in the market. It is also a recommended product for sure.

Eaz Lift 48703 1000lb Trekker Travel Trailer Hitch

Our Score 8.7 out of 10
EAZ LIFT 48703 Trekker Weight Distributing Hitch with Adaptive Sway Control - 1000 lb. Weight Rating
EAZ LIFT 48703 Trekker Weight Distributing Hitch with Adaptive Sway Control - 1000 lb. Weight Rating Check price

Weight distribution hitch
Adaptive Sway control
Rated for 800-1,200 lb tongue weight, 8,000-12,000 lb gross trailer weight
Turns off for dangerous road conditions
Reduced noise

Trekking is always fun. Exploring the beauty of mountains, steep roads, fairy meadows, and all the scenery is love to watch. Most importantly, if you’re traveling with your friends and family rather than a solo trip, then the joy will be doubled. Most of the families travel within a travel trailer which can solve their residence, food, and other daily life problems. But one problem that the travel trailer can create itself is safety and protection. The Eaz Lift 48703 1000lb now addresses this problem as they featured a product which is named as a Trekker Travel Trailer Hitch. By the word, trek, you might have understood its importance for trekking trips.

This towing hitch is equipped with the most innovative and adaptive sway technology. This sway technology works just like artificial intelligence and can adjust the resistance on its own. The stimulus for its reaction will be the gusts of air and turns of the roads. In simpler words, the sway technology can keep the travel trailer in a straight line as your car. But when you’re taking the turn or traveling on a bumpy road, the resistance will be disengaged on its own providing you a fluid movement. Comforting your maneuverability, this EAZ LIFT hitch can also support the weight distribution.

What this weight distribution does is to save your car’s axle from the uneven weight reaction while driving on the bumpy roads. In this way, the trailer can even remain stable during higher speeds and also when hit by gusts of air.

Furthermore, the durability and supreme quality are the top-notch features for this EAZ LIFT. This model (48703) is a little upgraded one from its predecessor. This way, it can support up to the tongue weight of 800 to 1200 lbs. On the other hand, the gross weight range is from 8000 to 12000 lbs.

Another unique feature is it’s less or reduced noise about which many users have complained in the past. There are no loose parts or unnecessary components to create sound.

  • Ensures full safety
  • 8000 to 12000 lbs
  • of weight capacity
  • Superior quality
  • Perfect for heavy trailers
  • Not suitable for lightweight trailers


Upgraded features and fully adaptive sway control let you drive with a heavy trailer easily even in the dangerous roads. The design of the hitch is slim but has solid manufacturing keeping you and your vehicle safe throughout your traveling. Overall, it is one of the quietest and reliable trailer towing hitch you will ever find in the market. A highly recommended product.

Final Conclusion:

A travel trailer hitch needs serious attention when you step into the market to buy one for you. The reason behind this fact is safety, protection, your car’s engine life, and many more as well. Travel Trailer hitches are loaded with various advantage and benefits nowadays, that makes the towing process very easy and comfortable. You just need to attach the hitch in a few simple steps and rest is left onto the hitch itself. It’ll intelligently control the sway, weight distribution, and maneuverability.

We have eased the job for you by quoting the best products in this regard, as mentioned above. Enjoy the long rides with your friends and family with a safe and secure trailer towing hitch.

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