Streaming has become common these days as several platforms support live Streaming. Every one stream in their niche and try to interact with their audience to have a knowledgeable and fun time. For this purpose, microphones must be a top priority for any streamer as it is the key to voice communication.

There have been two significant choices for all time for the streamers to use either the USB or the XLR microphone. Both of these have their separate pros and cons. Let’s have a look at their quick comparison to know which one is better and why. We have compiled some of the best XLR microphones for streaming in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

An XLR microphone mainly uses a 3-pin connectivity feature to connect to your computer. These three pins serve individual purposes to improve the sound quality, reduce the disruptions, and protect your microphone from any electrical damage. However, an XLR microphone uses many additional components as well to bring crispiness and clarity in the streaming vice. These components include the audio mixer, audio interface, outboard gear, and much more.

On the other hand, USB microphones are easy to sue. You just need to plug and play the microphone as it doesn’t need any additional equipment like the XLR microphones. The major downfall of the USB microphones is you cannot access multiple devices at one time. It will ruin the digital audio transfer. Also, if you want to upgrade the streaming quality by improving the wholes setup, you must add the sound mixers, audio interface, signals processor, and much more. Therefore, all these components require you to have an XLR microphone.

There are several audio XLR microphones are available in the market. It is hard to tell which one you should use for better voice quality. This is because of different vocal tunes, and bass of the human voice. Therefore, the decision to buy an XLR microphone may depend on certain factors. Let’s discuss a few of them.

First of all, the XLR microphone is suitable for multiple users at a time. Therefore, you must look for the polar pattern. There are different patterns that describe the direction and decides how the sound will be received by the microphone. The most common polar pattern is cardioid. This pattern will help you to reduce the noise from the surroundings and bring in better voice quality.

Next is the type of microphone that you can opt for. This is basically regarding the sensitivity of the device. There are generally two types of microphones based on their working mechanism and sensitivity. One is the dynamic one, which is less sensitive but easy to use. On the other hand, the condenser microphone is more sensitive but complicated.

The last factor is the price. You must know the budget before step into the market. Many devices perform far better, even at a low price.

We have done extensive research to bring some of the best available XLR microphones for streaming to help you decide. Let’s have a look:-

Best XLR Microphones for Streaming (Comparison)

Best Overall
Our Score 9.4 Out of 10
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Our Score 9.1 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.5 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.1 Out of 10
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Our Score 7.7 Out of 10
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Audio Technica AT2035

Our Score 9.7 out of 10

This Audio Technica AT2035 is a versatile microphone that features innovative attributes to be used everywhere in the industry. It can be used by the musicians for recording, streamers, podcasters, and other professionals who are indulged in some home projects as well. When it comes to the construction assembly, this microphone features the cardioid pattern, which is suitable to capture only the clear and loud frequency from a particular direction. This pattern is mainly responsible for minimizing all the noise and interferences from the surroundings. This characteristic in this condenser microphone creates a situation of isolation from the surrounding environment.

Another feature that is worth noting is its large diaphragm. The diaphragm is essential in the condenser microphones as it decides for the audio quality. It vibrates whenever we speak and pass on these vibrations to the converted, which converts them into the signals. Therefore, a sizeable vibrating diaphragm is essential for the clean and crisp sound. The versatility of this microphone depends upon the dynamic range. It can cover a wide range of frequencies. You can record the voice at both the higher and lower notes. Moreover, a high SPL handling lets you record only the definitive sound and not the extra disruption and interferences created by the bass or the microphone. For this purpose, a custom shaped shock mount is also added to reduce the body vibrations and their noise. A high pass filter of frequency 80 Hz is applied, which lets you get rid of breathing noise, Air conditioner noise, and traffic noise as well.

  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Large-diaphragm
  • SPL handling
  • Shock mount added
  • Single polar pattern


You can have the fantastic voice quality with no noise at all in your streams with this Audio Technica AT2035 Condenser Microphone. Its versatile, high quality and magnificent microphone.

Audio Technica AT2035PK

Our Score 9.3 out of 10
Audio-Technica AT2035PK Vocal Microphone Pack for Streaming/Podcasting, Includes XLR Mic, Adjustable Boom Arm, Shock Mount, & Monitor Headphones, Black
Audio-Technica AT2035PK Vocal Microphone Pack for Streaming/Podcasting, Includes XLR Mic, Adjustable Boom Arm, Shock Mount, & Monitor Headphones, Black Check price

Large diaphragm for smooth, natural sound and low noise
High SPL handling and wide dynamic range provide unmatched versatility
Custom shock mount provides superior isolation
The circumaural design ...

This Audio Technica AT2035PK microphone pack provides you a complete bundle of what you need for the streaming or podcasts setup. This microphone streaming set will have the headphones along with the condenser microphone that works fine with your podcasts and stream recording. A large diaphragm is well-placed in the internal structure. This internal diaphragm vibrates once the sound waves pass through it. This vibration will create a pronounced effect of the sound waves with sufficient amplitude to bring clarity in the voice. The diaphragm is also responsible for the smooth and natural sound quality just as you speak. There’ll be no manipulation in the recorded voice. Another low-noise feature will help you record the sound without any disruption from the surroundings.

High SPL handling takes care of your voice pitch. The sound pressure handling (SPL) controls the sensitivity of the microphone and adjust it enough so that it cannot record the unwanted noise level below a specific frequency. The versatility of this microphone can be explained based on its wide frequency range. The custom shock-resistant feature will help you get rid of the microphone body noise. The table noise, body instability noise, and any sound produced by the microphone tapping can be minimized.

Considering the whole package, a headphone also comes with this streaming setup. Their unique and full-ear design can cover the ears from all sides to minimize the noise. The ATH M20x contours design produces excellent isolation from the environment by the direction of the sound waves in your ears to bring such immense quality. The adjustable 360-degree rotation and the stabilized joints can ease down your worries if you stream with your friends.

  • Easy reposition
  • High SPL handling
  • Large-diaphragm
  • Excellent performance
  • Hard switches


A full package in the form of this Audio Technica AT2035PK Microphone Pack to bring your stream options to the next level. A classic product in a reasonable price.

Audio Technica ATK2020PK

Our Score 8.7 out of 10
Audio-Technica AT2020PK Vocal Microphone Pack for Streaming/Podcasting, Includes XLR Cardioid Condenser Mic, Adjustable Boom Arm, and Monitor Headphones,Black
Audio-Technica AT2020PK Vocal Microphone Pack for Streaming/Podcasting, Includes XLR Cardioid Condenser Mic, Adjustable Boom Arm, and Monitor Headphones,Black Check price

Ideal for vocal pickup
High SPL handling and wide dynamic range provide unmatched versatility
Cardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of sounds from the sides and rear, improving isolation of desired...

The price and rating for this Audio Technica ATK2020PK maintain high performance and excellent quality utilize the condenser technology. This studio condenser microphone is ideal to use for the streams, recordings, voice-overs, and any kind of vocal pickup. The polar patterns for this condenser microphone follow the cardioid design, which is suitable to capture the voice without any noise. This also enables the microphone to have a wide dynamic range. It means that you can use this for multiple purposes to cover the high pitch and low pitch vocals. Considering its internal assembly, the microphone is finished through a lightweight diaphragm, which is custom shaped according to this Audio Tehnica ATK2020. This low mass diaphragm not only decreases the weight bit also ensures you the extended frequency and transient response.

Another exceptional feature for this ATK2020 is its pivoting mechanism. It is mounted on the bass, which is fully shock-proof to reduce the noise from the table tapping. Also, the mounted bass is easy to place at any stable surface, providing you the versatility in the placement of the microphone. An adjustable sound boom arm adds more worth to this complete AudioTechnica stream package. The boom arm enables you to rotate the microphone up to 360-degrees. The spring stabilizes joints, along with thumb screws, which makes it easier for you to reposition the microphone during stream or podcast. This XLR based microphone has a considerable cable length up to 3m.

It comes with the ATH-M20x professional-grade headphones. These headphones are finished through the excellent quality and precise methods to deliver extraordinary sound. The 40 mm drivers with earth magnets increase the audio tuning and enhance the amplitude significantly.

  • Adjustable boom arm
  • Easy to mount
  • Clamp to a desk or hard surface
  • Circumaural design for headphones
  • Flimsy storage bag


You can now enjoy the boosted sound and a clear voice recording experience with this complete streaming package by Audio Technica. This is an another master piece from Audio Technica.

Rode NT1 KIT

Our Score 8.2 out of 10
Rode NT1KIT Cardioid Condenser Microphone Package
Rode NT1KIT Cardioid Condenser Microphone Package Check price

ENSURE YOU BUY GENUINE RØDE PRODUCTS! Products from sellers which say ‘fulfilled by Amazon’ under the price are NOT authorized resellers, and may not be selling genuine product.
Buy only from Amazo...

This RODE NT1 microphone set features a sound signature reminiscent, while also having properties for creating extremely low noise; Ultra-low noise, self-noise of only 4.5dB (A). This altogether gives you a vast variety of sound-making; making it a great streaming microphone altogether.

To minimize all kinds of external vibrations at the capsule level while you utilize the mic; the transducer of the mic is suspended inside the mic suing the Rycote’s Lyer system. This altogether gives you more ease while you utilize the mic.

The durable and military-grade ceramic layer that is present on this dynamic microphone; ensures that you don’t only make the most out of this mic for a long time, but also eliminates scratch or mark issues.

Other than streaming, this microphone is perfect for recording piano and other musical instruments; giving you a quality sound experience.

The ultra-fine building and black ceramic finishing of this mic don’t only ensure its quality, but also gives a classy and sleek outlook – making it a perfect option to invest in.

Other than the quality outlook, you also get a crisp and clear sounding experience from this microphone; no matter what source you’re recording from.

If you’re looking for a variety of sound-making options, then this dynamic mic serves you with its natural and unique sounds consisting of; bright highs, solid mids, and warm lows.

  • Creates a perfectly unique sound
  • Finely built
  • Quality and reliable product
  • Has a scratch-resistant black ceramic finish
  • The additional pop filter doesn’t work effectively
  • Heavy making


If you’re looking for a dynamic microphone that would not only serve you as a durable, sturdy, and perfectly fitting option, but rather also serve as one that creates amazingly crispy and high-quality sound; then this Rode NT1KIT Cardioid Condenser Microphone Package is the perfect option for you invest in.


Our Score 7.8 out of 10
LEWITT LCT 240 PRO Condenser Microphone, Black
LEWITT LCT 240 PRO Condenser Microphone, Black Check price

Sound like a pro: the LCT 240 PRO is a multi-purpose microphone with professional sound for your vocals, instruments, podcasts, and more
Reduced background noise: its cardioid polar pattern has exc...

This LEWITT LCT240 PRO microphone is a multi-purpose device which can be used for streaming, podcasts, voice-overs and instrumental recordings. This professional-grade microphone can record the voice at a wide range of frequency level. It equips the cardioid polar pattern to record the voice in detail and reduce the noise to a minimum level. Along with the cardioid polar pattern, an exceptional feature of off-axis suppression can be seen. This off-axis suppression intelligently looks for the high-frequency vocals and the direction of the source. Then, it’ll diminish all the low-frequency sounds that are actually noise coming from different directions. In this way, you can record the voice with more details and clarity.

Another feature that can add more clarity to the vocals is its condenser capsule. This feature will add more power and boost the vocals for excellent sound output. Apart from the condenser capsule, the diaphragm assembly is lightweight as compared to the other microphones. Also, this diaphragm is capable enough to produce a flat frequency response with all the frequency ranges. High sound pressure leveling feature can help you even record the very high-frequency loud vocals, including drums. This LCT 240 PRO can level the sound frequency and reduces the ear-shattering from such loud vocal. Therefore, it can reproduce your sounds with optimized settings to manage the clarity and preciseness in it.

Along with PRO condenser Microphone, you’ll get all the accessories to manage the setup. A windshield will protect the microphone from the air noise. The mic mount will let you set the microphone for streaming or podcast setup.

  • Off-axis suspension
  • Low background noise
  • Protective bag
  • Quality making
  • Breathing sound problems


Off-axis suspension and the cardioid polar pattern let you record the vocals at its best. This is also one of the best microphone in our list.

Overall Conclusion

XLR microphone are the advanced technology devices which used three pin XLR cable to bring extraordinary clarity in voice. The three-pin XLR3 system can transfer the audio signals with any loss in amplitude and yield an optimized output signal. Therefore, for all the voice-based effective communication methods, i.e., podcasts and Streaming, it is recommended to use the XLR microphones. We have mentioned some of the best available XLR microphones for Streaming so that you can choose amongst the best ones.

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