DoorDash, a renowned food and grocery delivery service, is now offering an additional convenience for its customers in the form of package pickup. This service aims to streamline the process of returning online purchases. In this article, we will delve into DoorDash's latest package pickup feature to determine whether it's worth the hassle.

Exploring the DoorDash Package Return Service

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As of January 4, 2023, DoorDash has introduced a new package pickup service, allowing its customers to request a Dasher to collect their prepaid packages and deliver them to the nearest UPS, FedEx, or USPS store. This innovative feature simplifies the return process, eliminating the need for customers to leave their homes.

How Does It Function, and What Are the Costs?

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DoorDash offers this Package Pickup service for a flat fee of $5 for standard users, while DashPass members enjoy a reduced rate of just $3. Here's a step-by-step breakdown of how it works:

  1. Access the "Packages" hub on the DoorDash homepage and select your preferred delivery carrier (UPS, USPS, or FedEx).
  2. Prepare your package(s) for shipping, with the option to send up to 5 packages. Ensure that you attach your prepaid shipping label. If using a QR code, send it to the Dasher via the app.
  3. Request a package pickup, and a Dasher will be assigned to your order to collect your packages.
  4. After pickup, you should receive a confirmation photo confirming that your packages have been successfully delivered to the chosen carrier location.

Is There a Limit to the Number of Returns They'll Collect?

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The DoorDash Package Pickup service accommodates anywhere from 1 to 5 return boxes. If you have more than 5 separate boxes to return, consider requesting multiple Dashers to handle the pickups using this feature.

Who Picks Up Your Returns: Dasher or Courier?

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A Dasher will pick up your packages and transport them to the selected shipping carrier, as specified in the DoorDash app. Couriers do not participate in the pickup and return process; it is solely managed by Dashers through the DoorDash app. Typically, Dashers will drop off your packages at a UPS Store or USPS drop-off location.

Suitability for Rural Addresses

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The DoorDash Package Pickup service technically functions in rural areas, but it's important to note that there may be fewer Dashers available in these regions. Consequently, residents of rural areas might experience longer wait times for package pickups and returns.

Compatibility with Amazon Returns

Yes, the DoorDash service is compatible with Amazon returns, as Amazon primarily employs UPS for its return shipments. This makes it a convenient option, especially during busy periods like the post-Christmas season when Amazon returns tend to pile up.

Is This Service Worth the Investment?

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The value of DoorDash's Package Pickup service depends on your specific needs. If you're using it for a single package, the $5 fee may not be justified in most cases. However, during hectic periods, such as post-Christmas, when you have numerous Amazon returns to handle, the convenience may outweigh the cost, especially for busy families.

Similar Services from Competitors

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DoorDash is not the first delivery service to offer package pickup services. Uber offers "Uber Connect," a same-day delivery service that allows customers to return packages through the Uber app. Shyp is another delivery service that sends a courier to your home to collect and return your packages. While the specifics may vary slightly between these services, the core process remains the same: you request a package pickup order via the app, and your packages are picked up and returned to the selected carrier.

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