How to Choose the Best Microphone?

Choosing a microphone for your recording needs can be quite fun and exciting at times. As you get to create different types of interesting sounds with it and experiment with your passion a little more interesting with a suitable microphone. However, it isn’t all just fun and exciting when it comes to choosing the best microphone for yourself. That’s because often at times, you end up getting confused in the different types, brands, and other varieties of microphones. But that doesn’t mean that you should invest in the wrong option, as there are always ways you can find the best microphone for your use. Hence, whether you want to record vocals, acoustic guitar, any other instrument, record audiobooks, work on podcasts or create voiceovers; you can always learn how to find the best microphone according to your usage needs. Now to help you figure the right way of doing this, let’s go ahead and discover what you should consider.

What Type Do You Want?

With the different types of microphones like the handheld, the headset, and the lavaliermic; you can better understand which one would serve your needs. This is mainly because not all of them serve similarly in the sounds and working. Hence, once you understand how each one serves in the sounds; you’ll be able to choose the best microphone for yourself. Now let’s discuss these types in detail.

Handheld microphone

These types of microphones have a wire and are more suitable for live performances and sound recording needs. This is due to its benefit of recording high quality and clear sounds in low or even noisy environments. Hence, you can use these mics for recording musical instruments as well as vocals. But, these mics don’t serve in other types of scenarios where a mic is needed.


These types of microphones are stationary and can be used while traveling anywhere freely. Hence, even without any restrictions, you can record clear and quality sounds with these microphones. However, these mics are supposed to be used in a smaller work environment, i.e. for use as a performer or a presenter on any occasion.

Lavalier microphones

These types of microphones are similar to headsets but a little better for presentation and performance-related needs. These are the types of microphones that can be attached and positioned in a costume or a suit. And since these are more of a discreet microphone option, you can use it for stage performances and presentation needs.

What Type of Sound do You Want?

  • Warm and Full Sound

For this type of sound, dynamic mics serve perfectly well. And since these microphones are durable in the making, they can easily handle high sound levels and record well in a noisy environment.

  • Bright and Detailed Sound

For these types of sounds, you should look for condenser microphones. These microphones are more sensitive in comparison to the dynamic ones, and they consist of a wider frequency response. Hence, you can avail a true and quite original sound from these mics.

  • Detailed and High-Frequency Sounds

To pick up high-frequency sounds without sounding too harsh or poor; you can invest in a ribbon microphone. However, since these mics are constructed delicately; they are less suitable for live performances and work well as just a drum or vocal solution for overhead.

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