Why You Can’t Wear Ordinary Shoes During Cycling?

One of the most asked questions about cycling is that it is good to wear ordinary shoes while riding a bicycle? Well, there are many factors and concerns to address before concluding. Each of us will have concerns regarding the behavior of society, best fitting for cycling, and comfortable experience while riding. We’ll disclose all the reasons why you shouldn’t wear ordinary shoes for cycling.

Cycling shoes are more comfortable and practical

Cycling shoes features the stiffer soles and a breathable upper. Now one might think that the more rigid soles can be a daunting task to wear all day. But that’s not the case. Ordinary shoes with soft soles that can easily be worn out during the pedaling. But keep in mind that pedaling requires you to apply force from your leg, bending the feet according to pedal-shape and transferring the impact to run the cycle. This force-transfer mechanism can be achieved in a far better way if you wear cycling shoes, which features stiffer soles.

Cycling shoes don’t slip

That’s the most common reason why you should opt for cycling shoes while riding a bicycle. Ordinary shoes can get wet and cause slipperiness while pedaling. Slipperiness, while pedaling, is quite dangerous as you can hurt your leg bone or ankle or can even meet a severe accident on your way. This is where cycling shoes get fit best! These shoes are SPD compatible and provide you the ability to utilize the clipping pedals. These accessories employed in these cycling shoes will create a sense of push mechanism that made the pedaling easy and risk-free.

Cycling shoes presents a perfect fit

That’s right! Cycling shoes are far better at fitting as compared to ordinary shoes. This is because everyday shoes, i.e., sneakers, loafer, and other walking shoes, are designed for a more casual experience. There is a sort of looseness in these types of shoes. On the contrary, cycling shoes present a different mechanism that helps you fit them better. Some manufacture employs the lace closure while others provide the easy Velcro fitting. Also, it is recommended to opt for shoes that are half the number shorter than your original size.

Cycling shoes feature EVA-based Midsoles

Cushioning is a part of cycling shoes that cannot be expected from the ordinary ones. Cycling shoes feature the EVA midsoles, which is filled by the gels and other suitable material to provide an impact absorption mechanism. You’ll face no difficulty in cycling, as well as running or jogging. These shoes can absorb high impacts as well. Hence, these presents an all-in-one purpose.

Extraordinary Shoe Uppers

Shoe uppers are important and cover the significant portion of your feet. Here the cycling shoes surpass the ordinary shoes by the breathable fabric and durability. According to research, there are about 18-pieces of structures employed for the manufacturing of a single shoe upper for cycling shoes. This includes various sorts of fabrics, i.e., mesh, synthetic leather, nylon, polyurethane, trim, Kevlar thread, and much more.


These were a few reasons that make cycling shoes a lot better and wise choice as compared to ordinary shoes. Because choosing the proper pair of shoes for sports like Cycling not only keeps your foot, legs, and ankle safe but gives better results as well.

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